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Naturally, the fertilization process involves a single sperm from the ejaculate penetrating into the egg (scientifically referred to as an oocyte) released during the menstrual cycle. To merge with the female gamete, the sperm must penetrate the oocyte's shell (called zona pellucida).

There are two basic techniques to solve these shortcomings in Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART):

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) as it is now practised (IVF)
  • Injection of sperm into the cytoplasm (ICSI)

Hira is the one-stop destination for your infertility treatments. Hira is believed to be the Best ICSI Centre in Hyderabad mainly for male infertility treatments.

At Hira Fertility Centre, we believe in performing ICSI on patients who have had a previous history of tuberculosis or endometriosis. Consult ICSI Centre in Hyderabad at hira Fertility centre if you are facing issues related to low sperm count & if you are a partner who have tried other fertility treatments in previous times.

ICSI Centre in Hyderabad

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