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IMSI Fertility Treatment Procedure

Technology does not always work in the same way. It's always changing. In the same way, timely upgrades are critical in medical technologies. Hira Fertility is one of the Best IMSI Centre in Hyderabad, and it keeps up with the latest advances, which shows in your smiles. IMSI, an embryologist, is an example of this.

It enables doctors enlarge the image of the sperm 7,200 times, allowing them to select the healthiest-looking sperm. The machine is a more advanced version of the older Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) technology, with a magnification capacity 16 times greater than ICSI.

With the use of a machine called a micromanipulator, an egg is held and injected with a husband's sperm in the ICSI process. If the husband's sperm count is low, sperm can be collected by a testicular biopsy. Fertilization takes place outside of the woman's body. The baby/embryo is produced outside the mother's body and then implanted into her womb. Hira Fertility Centre is one such IMSI Clinics in Hyderabad which offers the best infertility related treatments for couples trying to conceive and reaching out for doctors.

The IMSI method was first developed in 2004 by a team led by Benjamin Bartoov, of Barilan University in Israel. The pregnancy rate in patients jumped from 30 % to 66 %.

IMSI is considered to be more effective than ICSI in patients who have had two previous IVF or ICSI failures and helps enhance the success rate among males with the worst prognosis. It can also help couples who are experiencing infertility for no apparent reason. IMSI Clinics in Hyderabad has been found to result in higher rates of egg fertilization, higher quality embryos, higher rates of blastocyst formation, and thus higher pregnancy rates.

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